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Not allowed to speak from the mind.

I think we all are insane.
Everyone I know has a problem, or thinks they have a problem.
It’s like every person has issues, or lies about not having them.
Personally, I blame society.
Everyday we are force fed what we are suppose to be.
Thin, model like, smart, dress a certain way, and be having sex. A lot of sex.
What happen to forming an actual thought?
What happen to having an opinion?
Taking a stand for what you want?
To chopping your hair off, just cause? We are run by labels. Labels telling us, we just aren’t good enough.
I don’t buy it.
Why do we have to be judgmental, or stereotypical?
Why not be just who we are?


Trimming the dead ends.

Here lately, I’ve been thinking about my future.
I’ve decided that I need to be picky, about everything.
The people I surround myself with, where I go for fun, and the people I date.
I don’t need people who will bring me down, I need people who will lift me up.
I don’t want to be sad anymore, and if that means being lonely so be it.
The loneliness won’t last forever.
So, I am going to start trimming the dead ends. TODAY!

Weekly Challenge.

Seems easy right.

Each day we sit and say, “today I will be completely honest.”
Then, by the first ten minutes we are lying.

We say that person couldn’t handle the truth, or I don’t want to hurt their feelings. Maybe it was the nice thing to do, lie that is.

How many people can say they are totally honest? All the time? No matter the situation?

No one could. I sure can’t.

So my challenge this weeks, is this: To be honest, in difficult situations.

I mean, if your friend asks you to help in their problems, be honest. Don’t just take your side.

If someone asks you a question, be completely honest. No. Matter. What.

My week starts today, because weekends are the hardest.

Let Downs?

Tell me about someone who let you down.

Tell me about a life event that altered who you are, good or bad.

Every overcome something? I want to hear about it (:


It’s about where your going.


Compromising Who You Are….

Have you ever compromised who you are in-spite of someone or something?

I know I have, I am currently doing it. If you were to see me in public, and ask me about it…… I would deny it straight to your face.

My point here, is that we’ve all done it. Time and time again, wether we’ve noticed it or not.

I don’t know about you, but in my case I’ve went a tad overboard. I have gotten myself into a sticky situation, which never ends pretty. I have promised something, something I have to give.

In order to give this, I have to make a life changing decision. The kind where it makes or breaks you. I am talking “will I regret this?” There is one thing I can’t shake though.

Is the said person worth the risk? Is this person so important to me, that I would do anything just to keep a promise. A promise I’m hesitant about.

What I would like to know is, does this person, will this person, given the chance do the same for me?

The hardest part about choices, are wether or not the other person will do their part.

It’s having to read between the lines, and pray that you can interpret correctly.

You live and learn, right?


The Traveler

The Traveler

Sometimes, life looks like this. Enjoy it.