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Short hair on women

I currently am trying to decide on chopping my hair off. One slight problem, I am having doubts on if I will still be attractive to the male population. So men, thoughts? 



Point proven.


Not allowed to speak from the mind.

I think we all are insane.
Everyone I know has a problem, or thinks they have a problem.
It’s like every person has issues, or lies about not having them.
Personally, I blame society.
Everyday we are force fed what we are suppose to be.
Thin, model like, smart, dress a certain way, and be having sex. A lot of sex.
What happen to forming an actual thought?
What happen to having an opinion?
Taking a stand for what you want?
To chopping your hair off, just cause? We are run by labels. Labels telling us, we just aren’t good enough.
I don’t buy it.
Why do we have to be judgmental, or stereotypical?
Why not be just who we are?

Trimming the dead ends.

Here lately, I’ve been thinking about my future.
I’ve decided that I need to be picky, about everything.
The people I surround myself with, where I go for fun, and the people I date.
I don’t need people who will bring me down, I need people who will lift me up.
I don’t want to be sad anymore, and if that means being lonely so be it.
The loneliness won’t last forever.
So, I am going to start trimming the dead ends. TODAY!

Unnumbered sparks fly through the sky, created by cellphone signals


TED Blog

Outside the Vancouver Convention Centre, people gather to interact with Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks. Photo: Ema Peter Outside the Vancouver Convention Centre, people gather to interact with Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks. Photo: Ema Peter

“It looks like it’s holding up the clouds.” “It’s like a sky jellyfish.” “I love how the light moves across it along with the sound.”

[ted_talkteaser id=1164]These were some of the comments heard at TED2014 about Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks, a collaboration between sculptor Janet Echelman and data artist Aaron Koblin. This monumental sculpture stretched 745 feet, from the Vancouver Convention Centre where TED was held, over an open-air plaza on the edge of Vancouver Harbor and up to the top of the Fairmont Waterfront hotel. Every night while the temporary sculpture was installed, from March 15-22, 2014, dozens of people could be seen across the street setting up cameras and tripods to capture the glowing spectacle. Meanwhile, underneath the sculpture, even greater numbers of people gathered, most…

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You have no clue.


Long Distance Pillow

Hahaha so true!