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Trust, is such a huge word.
Everyday we “trust” people, but what are the qualifications?
You know, the nitty gritty details.
The fine print of where we draw a line.
What are the tiny hoops, we make people jump through? The mental and physical of it.
How much, or how little do you need your qualifications met?

I find myself pushing people through never ending hoops, and obstacles because I have trust issues.
I tend to push people away, simply because I “test” them too much. Okay, never ending. I am always “checking”.

Here lately, I’ve written down all the things I require from people. Trust me, the list is an on going affair with terms and conditions, you know the ones too long to read.

So my challenge this week. Cut my list, to the most vital and important items. Fingers crossed for only having a page left!



No matter where I go, people are angry. They are yelling at their children, family, spouse, and anyone who gets in the way.

To me, it’s not appealing. Screaming “fuck you” at the top of your lungs, is not something I want part of.

What I don’t get, is why should people act that way toward people they supposedly love?

When a mother screams “fuck you, you piece of shit” at her child, what does that say about her?

That child is going to grow up, thinking that’s what love looks like.

That is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean a child is sitting there taking this, they can’t fight back.

If they fight back, it just gets worse. I wish that the parents who do this, would no longer get parental rights.

Most people think bullies are in school. Some of the biggest bullies are at home, called parents.