Every Thought Is Important


There is always a moment, just one. In that moment, we are who we are truly meant to be. In that moment, there is no looking back. That moment is pure bliss, or complete terror. 

I believe we were put here by God, and he had all of our lives planned out and waiting for us. I don’t think any experience, just happened by chance. I say, he wanted us to have that moment. Experience it, just as it is. For all the raw and undefined beauty of the world. 

Honestly, I sit and think about all the things I would like to have experienced by now. Then I plan to go and do them, but only some of them happen. Have you ever planned on something, and no matter what you did, it just didn’t work out? Then maybe a month later, you are able to do it, and you are so glad you waited. 

I feel like that is God’s Plan. 

Yes, I’ve had times where I can’t for the life of me, figure out why I am where I am in life. Those moments where inspiration strikes, yet you can’t build a thing. I hate those, but I have to keep thinking, “all in God’s time.” 

What has been something you wish you could’ve done, and haven’t gotten the chance yet?  


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