Every Thought Is Important

I will survive.

I can’t sleep.
I try so hard, until I have to just face the fact sleep won’t come.
I have so many thoughts in my head; I have so many things I want you to know.
Every day that passes gets easier, but then the night comes.
I’m living a nightmare.
I play back everything in my mind.
I come up with ways to make you stay, but it won’t work.
You’re gone.
I realize there was nothing I could do.
Nothing left unsaid that would of changed anything.
The pain of losing you, makes me realize I can survive.
No one told me life would be this way.
No one warned me.
I was never told our story would end.
But here I am.
Before you, I lived a great life.
After you, I will make it better than before.


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